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999eye Emergency Streaming

On-scene live video and photo streaming

999eye enables emergency control rooms to be at the heart of unfolding incidents by viewing live footage streamed from eye witnesses at the scene.

Launched by Capita in collaboration with West Midlands Fire Service, 999eye is the first-ever smartphone solution that enables 999 callers, with compatible mobile devices, to securely send live footage or images of incidents to emergency service control rooms.

999eye live footage offers instant ‘on-scene eyes’ to the operators, helping them assess the scenario and better select the appropriate resources to dispatch to the incident. They can also provide more qualified information to partner agencies to help manage the incident more effectively.

It works by sending, with the 999 caller’s permission, a text message to their smartphone containing a URL. Once clicked, a one-use-only live stream is established that allows footage or images to be sent directly to the control room. GPS coordinates are also delivered, helping to pinpoint the exact location of an incident.

You can read more about why 999eye was developed and how it will help emergency services deploy suitable assets and provide vital information to response crews in the November issue of Land Mobile magazine here.

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