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We keep business moving with the secure mobile technology to communicate with staff and customers any time more…


Powerful critical alerting across 70% of UK NHS Trusts. Healthcare organisations and professionals across the country rely on our dependable SMS system 24/7 more…


Instant, real-time mobile solutions that help transport systems to run smoother more…


Powerful, low-cost secure mobile solutions specifically designed and approved more…


Our independent paging network helps make us supplier of choice for the MoD more…

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We are an official government supplier of business SMS solutions via the CCS Network Services 2 Agreement RM3808 more…


7th May 2021

Emergency Services Times

We know that for critical situations any single point of failure is unacceptable. In the latest Emergency Service Times we discuss how we work with customers to enhance communications resilience.…
26th April 2021

NHS rationale for Paging statement.

Pagers have been used as the communication route for major incident notification for the NHS in London since 2005. It has been the only resilient form of contact in a…
16th April 2021

Paging. It’s a 2 – way thing.

Paging continues to be a primary method of critical communications across many sectors. The advent of 2-way paging not only capitalises on paging’s unique qualities, but ‘closes the loop’ on…
8th April 2021

What makes critical communications truly resilient?

What makes critical communications truly resilient? We think it's being network independent, device agnostic and accessible anywhere. In addition to this, over recent years we have seen an uptake in…
10th February 2021

PageOne at BAPCO Online 2021

  PageOne exhibiting at BAPCO Online 2021 Join us for free at the new virtual experience for the public safety technology sector - BAPCO: The Online Event. BAPCO: The Online…
25th November 2020

PageOne at the virtual Higher Education Marketing Conference

PageOne at the virtual Higher Education Marketing Conference. Did you know about our Janet txt Campaign Manager functionality, utilising short code and keyword features? They are designed to offer an…