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The 2-way Pager

Fast response

2-way Pagers offer positive confirmation that a message has been read, auto acknowledgement of delivered pages and the ability to respond directly from the pager to provide a fast, powerful and dependable service for critical messaging applications. Combining the speed, reliability and broadcast ability of paging, enhanced with the auto acknowledgement and response of GSM delivers a fast, dependable and guaranteed end-to-end messaging solution.

Location messaging

Each device is equipped with an integrated GPS module, providing control room staff with device location, allowing for a targeted intelligent messaging capability. Response teams can be paged based on geographic location or their proximity to an incident to provide a more immediate response, and lone workers can be tracked and their status regularly monitored.

Safety first

As well as GPS that allows lone workers to be tracked and their status regularly monitored, the 2-way pager also offers reassurance and peace of mind with the optional ability to transmit an urgent SOS message back to the control centre.

Key features

  • Fully featured POCSAG paging terminal offering national UK coverage.
  • Supports up to 128 individual alerts and group broadcasts.
  • 2-way reply capability with up to eight customisable text-based responses.
  • Automatic delivery confirmation.
  • GPS (global positioning system) receiver provides mapping and location information.
  • Can be used with PageOne Paging Groups and SmartGroups for simultaneous broadcast.
  • Rechargeable.

Compatible with Connect and Flare

2way pagers can be used in conjunction with both our Flare and Connect messaging systems to provide a powerful out of the box critical messaging tool, or linked to your existing Command and Control system software using our integration API.

PageOne is the only UK paging operator to offer two-way paging.

Contact us now to discover the benefits of this unique service.