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Corporate Case Studies


Reliable communication and monitoring solution for a bio-ethical power generation company

Cattle waste, maize and sugar beet can be generated into energy and Biocow believes this will play a large part in the UK’s future decarbonisation and energy generation strategy. It has four sites, all based in rural locations in the East of England.

Chris Waters, Director of Biocow, approached PageOne to trial its Trio Lone Worker device for a week. The technology combines real-time monitoring and alerting with a resilient location service. Read the case study here.


Carlson Wagonlit Travel

carlsonReliable updates vital for travellers

The threat of terrorist activity is an important consideration for international business travellers and their employers. That’s why one of the UK’s leading business travel companies now relies on PageOne Connect to keep its clients aware of potential problems. Carlson Wagonlit is a global company that organises business travel packages for the UK divisions of some of the world’s biggest companies, including Shell, BP and The Royal Bank of Scotland Group. “PageOne Connect had all the capabilities we wanted,” said Carlson Wagonlit’s Barry Ramsey. “Our customers think it’s great and can see that we’re always on the ball!”

EDF Energy

Messaging services help EDF Energy Networks to stay in control

Supplying customers with round-the-clock energy services is at the heart of EDF Energy Networks’ business. Covering 25% of the UK population across East Anglia, London and the South East, it’s been a proud energy provider for many years, ensuring homes and businesses can power up every time. Whenever the energy supply suffers a fault, it’s down to the company to locate and fix it as quickly as possible so that the impact on customers is minimal. PageOne’s Connect system provides EDF Energy Networks’ Fault team with the right communications tool to help staff find, and fix, the problem. “It’s vitally important for us to mobilise our engineers as soon as possible because we’re measured on customer interruptions and minutes lost against other energy suppliers and Connect allows us to do exactly that.”


checking-mobileKeeping the tube on track

Not only has paging stood the test of time for London Underground, but during the seven years’ PageOne’s SMS messaging system Connect has been in use, it has been fully exploited in many emergency situations, including the 7th July London bombings. But day in, day out, its value is proven in simply helping to keep the tube service running on time. “If there’s a problem, we have a 10-minute window to get the right people on the scene. So, we have to react to reports as quickly as possible and get people moving. That’s where PageOne add value to our operations.” Once the CMO is notified of an incident, it’s assessed and then one of the team will use PageOne’s Connect to contact the necessary maintenance crew and then keep all concerned updated on progress.

National Express

National ExpressKeeping track of the trains

Integrating communications was a key challenge when the train operator National Express East Anglia, streamlined its rail service to deliver one integrated rail network across the East of England to London. With the various companies using different communication systems, the new franchise turned to PageOne to co-ordinate its paging services. Current operations manager Matthew Dickerson explained: “Our integration plans meant we had to find a paging system that suited all our requirements. PageOne had a wide coverage area and came up with a solution that met those needs. PageOne Connect also provides the flexibility the train company needs to keep managers in touch and informed at all times.” Using its Connect service, the control center can send out messages to its on call management team, senior managers and business directors.

Transport for London

mobileVital link to keep London moving

Whether it’s a major security issue, road closures or difficult passengers, it’s the job of the 45-strong team at CentreComm, to make sure London’s bus drivers are instantly aware. With more than 8,500 buses running during peak hours, the capital has a fleet larger than that of Paris and New York combined. Looking for a service, which could send out short burst of information via SMS in instances such as accidents or road closures needing a diversion, CentreComm turned to PageOne’s Connect product. Connect fitted the bill perfectly, reducing the phone call load, saving time and a substantial amount of money. “We can reach all our ‘stakeholder’s’ immediately now, with no delay. “It takes about 30 seconds at most to put a message together and know it’s going to everybody you need it to. It’s a huge time saver.”

South West Trains

South West TrainsDelighted by cost-effective alert system

Communication is key when you’re running a complex network of trains serving millions of commuter and long distance travelers through Greater London, the South and South West. Thousands of messages are sent out daily from South West Train’s information control desk to around 1,000 guards and approximately 200 duty managers to keep them up to date with how the service is running. The information is vital to help them plan their work, respond to operational problems, keep passengers informed and generally provide an efficient service. “PageOne messaging is a crucial part of our operation,” said Operations Manager, Richard Davies. “All our guards receive a message every hour on the state of the service and we also send regular line and route updates. Things change quickly in this environment and PageOne provides us with a flexible system that allows us to inform our people and react quickly.”

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