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Public Sector Case Studies

NHS Warwickshire and Coventry CCGs

Robust and reliable system ensures urgent messages get delivered

PageOne provides Robust and reliable system to make sure urgent messages get delivered between provider organisation and three CCGs. Quick and reliable communication systems are vital, especially if urgent help is needed out-of-office hours. Using the PageOne system allows NHS Warwickshire and Coventry CCGs to offer a single contact number to all their partner agencies providing a reliable and robust service to ensure the right message gets through straight away.  Read the full case study here.

Scottish Ambulance Service

ambulanceWhy two channels are better than one

For the Scottish Ambulance Service, PageOnes’s two-way Responder paging has helped attain the goal of multi network resilience. “Any technology that they were already using had its own potential single point of failure,” says Raymond Fegan, of network operator PageOne Communications. Whether the technology is digital radio, mobile phones or one-way paging, he argues, all of them potentially represent a single point of failure. “It’s great when it’s working,” he says. “But when it goes, everything goes. Whereas our two-way pagers here in the UK, we have them operating across multiple networks. So not only are they sitting on our trusted and reliable national paging network, but they are also listening to any of the mobile networks – they’ve always got dual connectivity.”



armyRallying the troops

Supporting Britain’s foreign policy and its NATO commitments sometimes requires a rapid response from the British Army. “My department is charged with exploiting internet technology to improve communications,” explained Major Adam Anderson, SO2 Internet. We’re very conscious that virtually all soldiers have mobile phones and we’re keen to explore the potential uses for SMS messaging.” In its role as the Army’s Spearhead Lead Element, 2LI is the UK’s highest readiness battlegroup, capable of responding to a call-out within 24 hours worldwide. Rallying the troops in the event of a short-notice mission could become a matter of pressing a button on a PC, using the dedicated ArmyNET system, to send SMS messages to hundreds of individual phones. PageOne Connect also allows officers to check whether their soldiers have received their messages and to receive replies to messages that have been sent. Military applications clearly demand high levels of security and resilience – areas where PageOne has a tried and tested track record.

Hampshire Fire

policeFire service stays connect-ed thanks to PageOne

For the Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service’s Urban Search and Rescue Team (USAR), mobilising the right people to the right place in the right time scale is crucial. The Emergency Services don’t have a moment to spare when responding to time-critical situations and for the Hampshire USAR, this means adopting a communications system that works every time. PageOne was brought in a few years ago to link up the team’s existing paging and mobile phone technologies via its Connect messaging system, with its preferential number system helping to provide a more efficient, practical communications solution.

Kent Fire

policePaging solution places resilience communications on the frontline

Mobilising fire officers to respond to an incident quickly and effectively is an everyday task for the Kent and Medway Fire and Rescue Authority (KMFAR). Communicating with its people in a simple, efficient manner is a critical part of daily operations and paging has become the go-to solution. The rescue Authority decided to look around the marketplace for a bought-in solution with its own ready-made communications infrastructure. PageOne answered the call. With multiple broadcast transmitters and a high level of signal availability, PageOne’s messaging system was the obvious choice for KMFAR. With a proven record of success in both the public and private sector, KMFAR knew they had chosen a paging network that they could truly rely on.

Northern Constabulary

policeSpeedy response to gun crime

Police officers responding to firearms incidents depend on rapid and reliable communication when dealing with potentially life-threatening situations. The Northern Constabulary covers a massive and remote area of the UK – the Local Authority Region of Highland and the Island Authorities of Orkney, Shetland and Western Isles. With teams of officers spread over a wide area, every second counts in answering reports of gun crime. That’s why the Northern Constabulary relies on PageOne Connect. Constable Graham Findlater, Firearms Instructor, explained: “Communication is of the essence. We must understand the nature of the problem, assess the level of response and ensure officers are contacted and can respond.”

Northern Ireland Ambulance Service

ambulance1Instant alert for life-savers

Responding to life-threatening conditions such as heart attacks and electrocutions in the remote, rural parts of Northern Ireland demands a quick response from the emergency services. The Northern Ireland Ambulance Service opted for PageOne Connect not only to improve paramedic response times, but also to alert its network of life-saving volunteers. “The system works really well,” said Control Manager Kieran Devine. “Response times can be reduced giving the increased potential to save more lives. PageOne is at the heart of the control room and everything we do goes through it. It is easily integrated into the wider command and control systems – something our previous system couldn’t do.”

Portishead Lifeboat Trust


PortisheadSeconds count

Founded in 1995, Portishead Lifeboat Trust are a charity dedicated to saving and protecting the lives in the Seven Estuary covering an area of 170 square miles. The crew and volunteers of Portishead Lifeboat Trust have relied on PageOne’s paging service for its rescue alerts for more than 10 years. Unlike other suppliers who were instantly discounted because of message delays and poor coverage, the Trust chose PageOne because of its resilient network, ability to provide a quick pager response and coverage with no blank areas. “We have a good relationship with PageOne. Its service has been reliable and changes in tariffs have worked in our favour, allowing us to provide all our personnel with their own pagers.

Surrey and Sussex Healthcare

hiddenRapid response for health trust

East Surrey Hospital is the dedicated care center for Gatwick Airport and has a crucial role to play in the event of an airport emergency. Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust, which runs the hospital, requires fast, efficient communications with staff to help coordinate its response to emergency situations. Choosing PageOne Connect gives the Trust the peace of mind of knowing that its emergency and routine communications are in the hands of messaging experts. Combining PageOne’s SmartGroups to send messages to paging and mobile devices provides the Trust with an easy and flexible solution.

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