Vital link to keep London moving

Whether it’s a major security issue, road closures or difficult passengers, it’s the job of the 45-strong team at CentreComm, to make sure London’s bus drivers are instantly aware. With more than 8,500 buses running during peak hours, the capital has a fleet larger than that of Paris and New York combined. Looking for a service, which could send out short burst of information via SMS in instances such as accidents or road closures needing a diversion, CentreComm turned to PageOne’s Connect product. Connect fitted the bill perfectly, reducing the phone call load, saving time and a substantial amount of money. “We can reach all our ‘stakeholder’s’ immediately now, with no delay. “It takes about 30 seconds at most to put a message together and know it’s going to everybody you need it to. It’s a huge time saver.”

Transport for London