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  • Web / Application APIs

    Web / Application APIs

    • SOAP/XML

      Our most powerful integration option for developers wanting to build messaging into their applications. For fast, secure, 2-way messaging to pagers, 2-way pagers and mobiles. Supports voice and geolocation services.

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      If you are building messaging into a web application, our RESTful API will provide secure, 2-way messaging to mobiles, using standard post and get requests.

      New: You can now lookup device location information!

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    • FTP (SCP)

      A secure and easy to use protocol that is also universally accepted. Using SCP, this protocol provides reliable access for sending pager and SMS via the Oventus messaging gateway.

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  • Specialist Protocols

    Specialist Protocols

    • TAP

      TAP uses a modem to modem connection to provide delivery of SMS & Paging messages. It is very easy to set up.

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    • SMPP

      SMPP is a binary protocol that can be used by clients to connect to the PageOne SMSC. It is only recommended for customers with SMPP experience or who have services/applications that are already SMPP enabled.

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    • SNPP

      SNPP offers organisations a simple yet reliable way to send both paging and SMS messages via an existing internet connection.

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  • Desktop Application

    Desktop Application

    • Excel Add-in

      Our Excel Add-in enables you to send text messages direct from your Excel worksheets, ideal if you need to extract large volumes of contacts from within worksheets.

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    • Outlook SMS service

      Add our SMS service to Microsoft Outlook and send SMS as easy as you can send email - it couldn't be easier to provide SMS messaging to your workforce.

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    • SMTP (Email-to-SMS)

      SMTP is the simplest way of sending & receiving pager and mobile messages. Simply configure your existing mail clients or server.

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Make the connection to PageOne’s award-winning messaging gateway

Today’s technology offers a huge choice of communication methods, delivered through a wide variety of different devices The challenge facing most organisations is how to make all these devices interact smoothly and effectively.

Hundreds of organisations across the UK already use our award winning messaging gateway; ‘Oventus’ to supply high-capacity mobile messaging for their businesses. Network independent, Oventus enables seamless integration of text and voice messaging to global GSM networks, landlines, UK pager networks and web/email enabled applications.

With connectivity APIs such as SOAP/XML, REST, SMPP, FTP, SMTP and SNPP protocols, Oventus supports a wide range of message input sources – from dial-up, IP and on to sophisticated XML solutions for web and desktop messaging applications.

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Whatever your messaging requirements, you’ll find all you need to seamlessly integrate your communications within your own business applications. Browse our full range of APIs with our API browser, above, or alternatively, contact us to find out more.

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