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RESTful message integration

One of the easiest APIs to implement, PageOne’s RESTful services enables web developers to embed messaging services (and more) directly into web sites using the RESTful architecture of the web. Our API is secure with all requests being sent through our ‘Oventus’ messaging gateway at up to 256bit encryption.

Simple, yet fully-featured

Using your programming language of choice (.NET, PHP, C++, C#, Perl, Java etc), you only need to call the standard REST methods (GET/POST/PUT/DELETE) to access a comprehensive array of Oventus messaging platform features:

  • Send and Receive SMS, Pager and Text-To-Speech Messages
  • Request location lookups for mobile phones and Responder pagers
  • Look up credits (PAYG accounts)
  • Manage Contacts
  • Receive Delivery Reports
  • Secure Authentication

This service is particularly useful for those who want a quick way to:

  • Add SMS functionality to a website or intranet
  • Create bespoke messaging and/or resource-tracking applications
  • Create event-triggered, automated SMS notifications
  • Increase website security by adding SMS login

REST API Documentation


REST PUSH API Documentation





Please note that only simple send message requests are currently supported by this API. For further information, download the relevant documentation or contact one of our messaging specialists.

Find out more about integration with our RESTful Services: Contact us to speak to one of our messaging specialists