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SMS integration using SMPP protocol

Short Message Peer to Peer (SMPP) is an open industry standard messaging protocol used to connect directly to a SMSC (short message service centre). SMPP is ideal if you want a simple and quick way to send large volume SMS messages to UK and international GSM phones.

It’s reliable, efficient and secure, with 2-way messaging capability and comprehensive message delivery reporting. In addition, on request, intermediary delivery receipts can be provided, showing almost instantaneous acknowledgement of whether messages have been accepted or rejected by the Network Operator.


What version of SMPP does PageOne offer?
PageOne supports SMPP server connections using the global 3.3 & 3.4 standards. Access to our SMPP service is available via the IANA default port 2775.

What will customers need to establish an SMPP connection with PageOne?
In order for customers to set up a connection with PageOne they will need the following:

  • The customer must know their source IP address
  • They should have a valid SMS sending Oventus account
  • A technical contact email address

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SMPP Specification

SMPP v3.3

Find out more about integration with our SMPP API: Get in touch