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Oventus – Programmable SMS and multi-channel API

Integration with PageOne’s Oventus messaging platform is your gateway to resilient, flexible multi-channel messaging.  Integrate your existing systems and applications directly via our secure API suite to mobilise your business processes and drive improved engagement with customers, staff and stakeholders.

Why integrate through Oventus?

Oventus supports multi-channel messaging across SMS, email, paging and telephony via a secure API gateway.

Whether its mobiilsing blue-light services, dispatching field engineers or sending customer notifications, Oventus and its suite of API’s make it easy to mobilise your business applications and customer processes.  Two-way push capability drives real-time responses and updates for more engaging and interactive communications that drive better outcomes.

PageOne’s Oventus platform supports a range of protocols and APIs are available to suit many popular languages and programming environments. Choose the level of complexity and security you require, matched to the resources you have available.

In fact , you’ll find many software systems used across sectors as diverse as the NHS, blue-light, education and corporate sectors already natively integrate with PageOne, negating the need for any development effort.

Resilience & Security

At PageOne, we take the security concerns of our customers to heart: we hold ISO 27001 for information security management and our infrastructure is our own – we do not share it with anyone else. We also use industry-leading firewalls and encryption to ensure ‘your messaging service’ stays just that. Our data centres are security monitored, duplicated offsite for redundancy and employ virtualisation technology to ensure that your messaging services are always available.

These are just a few of the reasons why we are trusted to handle critical messaging for health and educational facilities throughout the UK, as well as being the sole messaging provider to the Ministry of Defence.

The right tools for Integration

Oventus provides you with several approaches to integration and several languages are available, making Oventus the most versatile and capable messaging gateway in the UK. You can choose the interface that suits the projects’ requirements and the expertise available: Find your API now »