Business SMS

Which API is right for you?

If you are not sure which of our broad range of APIs is right for your project, then our API comparison table, below, shows how our APIs stack up against one another.

Your Objective API Information
Send Bulk SMS (1-way) SOAP, REST or SMPP Integrated, high-volume, secure messaging.
Send Bulk SMS (1-way) SOAP or REST (with Push), or SMPP 2-way integrated,
high-volume, secure messaging.
Send FLASH SOAP Binary EMS, Flash, WAP-push, LBS location. Secure,
high volume integration.
Send via Web REST Ad-hoc, easy web-integration – not high volume, less secure.
Send SMS via email SMTP: email-to-SMS or Outlook plug-in Easily implemented
Email-to-SMS using sub-domain. Supports 2-way messaging and extended SMTP tags.
Send SMS from any desktop PageOne Web-Interface Securely send, quickly & easily, from any internet enabled computer.
Send SMS from a list MS Excel Add-in Bulk send to lists, Personalised messaging via data fields.
Send via FTP SCP Secure copy; send Pager/SMS messages.
Send using a dial-up modem TAP Supports 1-way SMS & Paging.
Receive 2-way pager replies, GPS & SOS info. SOAPREST Fully featured, secure, integrated messaging (e.g Command & Control Systems) Send & reply. Receive SOS alerts & lookup location.

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