Reliable messaging when it matters most

NHS Trusts all over the country rely on PageOne to keep staff informed of vital information, helping them operate more effectively and more efficiently. Whether it’s dealing with a major health emergency, or day-to-day administration, our mobile messaging solutions ensure those who need to know, always know.

PageOne and the healthcare sector

We are the UK’s Government-approved, messaging technology provider of choice. With 30 years at the forefront of our industry, we’ve built the unrivalled knowledge and experience necessary to improve efficiency, responsiveness and performance through helping NHS Trusts:

  • provide mission critical group messaging
  • improve communications within emergency plans
  • improve health education
  • reduce DNA’s
  • provide 1st Responder call out facilities
  • fill urgent nursing shift vacancies through Nurse Bank

Our solutions have not only helped save lives, they’ve also helped save money. In Lanarkshire for example, our work helped to reduce agency nurse fees from £1.5 million to around £250,000 a year. Find out what we can do for you by contacting us here

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