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Critical alerting for the NHS

NHS Trusts all over the country rely on PageOne to keep staff informed of vital information, helping them reduce response times and operate more effectively and more efficiently. Whether it’s dealing with a major incident, crash call, or day-to-day administration, our mobile messaging and pager replacement solutions ensure those who need to know, always know.

PageOne’s 2-way critical alerting solution combines on-site and off-site paging with mobile technology to deliver a unified multi-network resilient alerting solution that affords greater flexibility and removes the boundaries and limitations of traditional onsite one way bleep medical paging systems.

PageOne’s multi-network enabled medical paging systems combined with next generation paging devices mitigates the need to find pager replacement solutions and deliver the most resilient alerting available today.

PageOne and the healthcare sector

We are the UK’s Government-approved, secure messaging technology provider of choice. With over 30 years at the forefront of our industry, we’ve built up unrivalled knowledge and experience necessary to improve resilience, efficiency, responsiveness and performance through helping NHS Trusts:

  • critical 2-way paging for Crash and bleep replacement
  • ruggedise communications within major incident plans
  • improve health education
  • reduce DNA’s, missed appointments
  • provide 1st Responder call out facilities
  • fill urgent nursing shift vacancies through Nurse Bank
Medical paging systems

Our solutions have not only helped with patient safety and saving lives, they’ve also helped save money. In Lanarkshire for example, our work helped to reduce agency nurse fees from £1.5 million to around £250,000 a year.

Contact us today to find out how PageOne medical paging systems can elevate your critical alerting solution.

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