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Mercedes Benz Brooklands Gets the Message Out with PageOne Campaign Manager

London, 28 November, 2011 – PageOne Communications, the UK’s leading provider of mobile messaging solutions to the public and enterprise sectors, today announced that the Mercedes Benz Brooklands dealership in Weybridge, Surrey is using its Campaign Manager console to enhance communications with both staff and customers.

PageOne’s Campaign Manager makes it possible to create interactive SMS-based Short Code and keyword campaigns in minutes using a simple web console. A secure online account allows users to quickly and easily configure key variables such as the campaign duration, choice of automated response type, and campaign keyword, all manageable in real time.

The Mercedes Benz dealership has embedded PageOne’s service for use within a range of applications that enhance internal communications, improve customer service and enrich marketing activity. In fact, SMS has grown to become an increasingly valuable channel to connect not just with customers, but also with the dealership’s 65-strong aftersales team. Sending out daily text alerts keeps them updated on targets, performance and key information whilst also providing a much needed means to engage with the team.

Having been recommended through referral, dealership manager Ian Straw felt the high volume messaging and robust easy-to-use system was the obvious choice. ‘The service is very intuitive and easy to use. You can literally send out hundreds of text messages in the space of minutes and the great thing is that it has a prompter to guide you through the set-up process. Instead of taking an untargeted approach, you can actually see who is interested and follow these through with a call, which is excellent’.

PageOne’s Campaign Manager provides real-time results. An instant snapshot can be generated with a few button clicks and an extended log of the actual messages sent and received can be viewed online, or exported for historical campaign reporting purposes.

The dealership is also using PageOne’s services for ad hoc marketing campaigns. Straw says, ‘It has allowed us to simply target a key area of our customer base and our success rate has been approximately 50% better than we expect on a mail-out, at a tenth of the cost’.

Campaign Manager is also being used to enhance customer service. Now when ordered parts come in, the customer receives a telephone call and a text message. Straw says, ‘It simply a great way of making sure that the right people, get the right information, at the right time. It generates a record for us, so we know a client has been contacted and also capitalises on the fact that a text message is highly likely to be promptly read.

Campaign messages can be scheduled to coincide with a specific event and sent using a 2-way number so customers can easily respond to messages at their standard network rate. Alternatively, messages can also be sent using an alpha tag or ID sender so the message recipient can quickly recognise who the message is from. Industry standard opt-in and opt-out commands are supported and an additional subscriber list facility allows users to further segment and intelligently build a database of respondents and prospects.

Download the full release here