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MS Excel Add-in

PageOne’s MS Excel SMS Add-in makes it easy to send bulk or personalised text sms messages to multiple recipients simultaneously. It can be a powerful, yet simple and easy to use marketing communications tool. Customer data held in document formats that can be opened in Excel (xls, csv, txt) can be used to create mailing lists for the sending of SMS.

You can also schedule messages for sending at a point in the future or use customer data with custom message templates to create personalised communications.

Note that all messages sent via the Add-in, including delivery status and any responses/replies are viewable within your PageOne Connect/Flare/Janettxt web account.


MS Excel Add-in (32 bit)*
MS Excel Add-in (64 bit)*

*The MS Excel Add-in is tested with Windows 8 and above. Although it can be installed on Windows 7 it is not supported. For other OS versions please contact us