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PageOne Olympic Blog

PageOne makes the case for investing in two-way paging

Now into the second full week of the London 2012 Games, two-way paging technology has already provided the emergency services, and organisations concerned with delivering critical messaging, a robust and assured channel of communication. To find out how two-way paging technology can help organisations improve resource management and productivity, as well as the coordination and mobilisation of resources click here.

Overload of mobile networks affects television coverage during the Games

Sports fans attending the London Olympics were told on Sunday to avoid non-urgent text messages and tweets during events because overloading of data networks was affecting television coverage. Read More

Olympics Marathon Bars on Roads and Communication

Pressure on the capital’s transport infrastructure will make a real-time understanding of the location of suitably-qualified people and assets a critical requirement. While regular communication with staff and customers as to the status of deliveries will be vital in managing expectations. Chris Jones, CEO of PageOne Communications outlines how location-aware messaging technology can help address logistical challenges. Read More

Will my mobile phone work during the Olympic Games?

This is the scenario 2012 Games organisers are desperately trying to avoid.
Millions of people are expected to flock to London during the Games, armed with smartphones and tablets to stream live content, call and text family and friends, share photos and videos, or just watch the events online.
It will put a huge strain on the UK’s mobile phone and internet networks.
And it does not just affect the lucky ticket holders. Everybody in London is likely to feel the network overload, including emergency services and transport operators. Read More

Gold standard Olympic communications require keeping your options open

Chris Jones, CEO of PageOne Communications outlines the need for a well-rounded communications strategy and why diversification will be key to resilience during the London 2012 Olympic Games. Read More

Addressing mobile network stability concerns

Demand for paging has increased given concerns around the capacity and availability of the mobile networks during the Olympic Games, particularly in the event of any terrorist alerts or major incidents. During the London 7/7 terrorist incidents mobile phone voice and data communication was disrupted by the sheer volume of traffic, yet paging services were unaffected allowing organisations to maintain vital communications, coordinating responses, and directing resource.

Why SMS will win Gold London 2012 Olympics

Arnold Rijpma, VP Business Development at Acision takes a look at messaging during the Olympics and explains why SMS will come out on top. Read More

5-Step Checklist To Ensure Business Continuity During London 2012 Olympics

Following research into business readiness for the 2012 Games from the likes of PwC and Deloitte, I am calling on all businesses to review their disaster recovery plans to ensure they are able to deal with the unique impact the event could have. While Deloitte’s research identified that worries about security are increasing, it found that only one in five companies surveyed will review their business continuity plans as a result. Read More

PageOne sees increased demand for paging ahead of the London 2012 Olympic Games

PageOne Communications has seen an increase in demand for paging and messaging services among key organisations involved in the Games, including The London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG), who have selected PageOne and its 2-way Responder pagers to help diversify their communications offering for added resilience and security. Read More

Continuity Games – Leaping the Hurdles

The 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games are fast approaching, and all eyes are on London as it prepares to host the world’s greatest sporting event. The games will see an influx of visitors to London with an estimated 450,000 staying in hotel rooms and a further 5.5 million day visitors. At the height of the games, it is anticipated that the number of daily rides on the London Underground will increase from 3.5 million to a staggering 6.5 million. Read More


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