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PageOne offers SMS text messaging to UK Army

As of today, British soldiers, their superiors and their families will all be able to communicate using a technology most of us take for granted – SMS text messaging. The two-way text messaging service will be run through ArmyNET, the Army’s secure web portal, ( and is provided by PageOne, the UK’s foremost supplier of wireless SMS messaging technology and services. The service is part of an ongoing trial involving many elements of the Army, notably the Spearhead Lead Element Battalion, 3 Division HQ, 20 Brigade, and elements of the TA including the Civil Contingency Reserve. ArmyNET offers operational servicemen and woman a secure, web based portal through which they can access a plethora of non classified information anywhere they have internet access. Based on Open Source technology, ArmyNET allows soldiers to view payslips, unit movement orders or to communicate with colleagues and family using career lifetime email and instant messaging accounts. PageOne’s two-way texting solution will enhance ArmyNET’s existing communications channels such as email, chat and bulletin boards by bringing the ease of use, and familiarity of texting to its users. “It’s at this stage that PageOne’s texting solution comes into play,” said Major Adam Anderson of The Light Infantry, responsible for ArmyNET. “For many years texting has been used unofficially by the Army to communicate but never before has the facility been provided to send texts in bulk so easily. Users log onto ArmyNET and access texting accounts where texts can be quickly written and sent to hundreds of mobile phones at the touch of a button. We now have the power to contact a whole battalion, or any size of group down to an individual soldier. The system will tell the user which texts have been delivered, which have been viewed and allows the recipient to reply. Texts can be sent from any internet enabled computer via ArmyNET and can even be sent without the need of a computer via a mobile phone to pre-defined groups through a help desk.” Texting offers so much more than just another way for the Army to engage soldiers. Soldiers will be able to text each other and even their friends and family while away from home. The Army’s Families Office is also looking at using the service from a welfare perspective, sending out text messaging to keep family members informed in the event of a Battalion being deployed on operations. The Families Office will then be able to keep families informed of what is happening before they see it on the news and so alleviate worry. Chris Jones, Managing Director of PageOne said, “Cutting edge technology is nothing new to the Army. What makes this project so exciting for all of us at PageOne is seeing our technology having such a human affect. ArmyNET’s use of text messaging will have a real impact on the lives of our soldiers and their families. With its ubiquitous presence in our day to day lives, it is too easy to take texting for granted, forgetting the amazing difference this technology has, and can still make.” PageOne has over 20 years’ experience in delivering wide area paging and mobile text messaging solutions to the MOD, NHS, emergency services and local/central government. This trial further cements the strong, ongoing relationship PageOne enjoys with the Public Sector.