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PageOne Product Suite

Business Continuity & Incident Messaging

Flare is PageOne’s messaging suite aimed at organisations who need a highly reliable messaging infrastructure in place for dealing with potential major incidents. Flare will help you maintain communications as a key part of your Business Continuity Plan. Its secure web-based messaging service, escalation products and unique IVR platform make it the system of choice for organisations across the UK.
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Customer Interactive SMS: for CRM & Marketing

Our suite of SMS Short Code and campaign manager services allow organisations to communicate with their customers and the public. Interactive text messaging allows the distribution of marketing messages and service information on demand.
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SMS for Education: JANET txt

The only approved text message service for the education sector represents one of the most flexible, value for money services for education. JANET txt can be tailored to your needs to create a secure, feature packed messaging service for communicating with students, staff, parents and pupils. It also works with some of the most popular VLEs and a range of APIs are available for seamless messaging from your existing systems.
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PageOne Paging

PageOne’s national, satellite based, paging network offers real time, group broadcast and high volume information alerts. Independent from mobile phone networks, PageOne paging is the fastest and most reliable way of sending an emergency alert, to many people within seconds and new 2-way technology provides delivery reports, replies and GPS location information.
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