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Fast, resilient, reliable messaging for critical communications

flare is a suite of products aimed at businesses and public sector organisations that need a highly reliable messaging infrastructure in place for dealing with major incidents.

Emergency notification alerts – a business continuity essential

The Flare emergency alert system gives you all the communication and management tools you need to assess the incident and respond with the appropriate actions. Whether you are notifying rescue teams, deploying specialised staff or coordinating a mass evacuation, you’re provided with a simple, yet powerful means to ensure a rapid response in any critical situation.

Speed and Simplicity

Short response times and rapid coordination of your workforce are major challenges in the event of an emergency. Built-in SmartGroup technology helps you to deliver instant information alerts and updates to warn and inform personnel during the course of an emergency, quickly and reliably.

Multi-device, multi-channel emergency notification system

A resilient and robust emergency notification system will allow you to contact your people whatever form of communications they use. With Flare you can deliver messaging to individuals and groups to any combination of SMS (mobile, PDA, Blackberry), email, UK paging one-way and two-way, landline and voice. Acknowledgement of information is just as important. As such, Flare offers a multi-channel response capability including 2-way SMS, WAP and a scaleable voice offering.

Perfect for any situation

Business Continuity isn’t simply about messaging, and neither is Flare. Keeping your business afloat in the event of a disaster is a result of continual planning, communication, exercising and refinement. Flare is fully equipped with a series of incident management tools including a secure document storage facility, Voice Broadcasting and GSM Mobile Phone Tracking tools to ensure the results of your planning are a success.

Services you can depend on

Flare. Critical messaging your organisation can depend on in the most demanding circumstances. Contact us now to find out more.

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