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Ensure a quicker, more effective response

In an emergency situation, it’s vital that you’re able to quickly communicate with the people charged for preparing the response to an incident. Whether it’s alerting an on-call engineer to a system failure or notifying a chain of command, escalate will secure you a faster response.

Targeted messaging with full control

escalate arms you with an intelligent targeted messaging capability, specifically developed for event and crisis resolution. Initiated from an online account or WAP enabled mobile device, escalate improves your organisation’s emergency response times, by automatically alerting the staff responsible for responding to critical events according to user defined rules and sequences.

If an alert or callout request is not acknowledged, it can be passed on to designated members of staff until a positive confirmation is received. Rules can be configured according to a combination of time, delivery and response-based conditions.

Keeping you in the picture

The progress of an escalation can be monitored as it happens, so you’re able to keep key staff informed of the situation, providing the real time information they need to make the right decisions. Triggers can be set in case your call out messages aren’t responded to within the set time, alerting duty managers and central controllers to the need for alternative action.

An incident alerting essential

When a response is time-critical, escalate should be a pre-requisite for any organisations’ incident alerting process.

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