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Free to send

Freetext or toll-free Short Codes are the mobile messaging equivalent of 0800 free-phone telephone numbers. They have all the benefits of standard Short Codes with the advantage of not costing mobile phone users anything to send a text message to. Freetext Short Codes are ideal for encouraging a greater response from your campaigns and are already a powerful means of increasing the level of involvement from your mobile audience.

Freetext in action

Our customers in the education sector use Freetext to keep in touch with their students and provide a free means for them to request information and submit their views. Its uses and application are endless. One of our clients is even looking to use it to encourage mobile top-ups!

How it works

Similar to normal Short Codes and two-way numbers, Freetext campaigns can be created and managed online using our intuitive web interface. You can set an automatic text message reply to each inbound message, view your campaign responses and obtain reports online for each of your different campaigns. For additional levels of control and flexibility you can integrate Freetext into your systems and applications using our SOAP API.

PageOne are experts in the interactive messaging space and can provide the help and advice required in setting up your marketing campaigns using our range of integrated SMS services.

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