Resilient, multi-channel critical alerting for the NHS.

Powerful and modern 2-way critical alerting solutions for Crash (NHS Bleep Replacement) and major incident (MAJAX) plans. Improve on-call alerting, mobilise emergency response and remove single points of failure with PageOne’s multi-channel solutions, as used in over 70% of UK NHS Trusts.

Mobile messaging that means business.

Improve your business continuity and disaster recovery communications (BCDR) and engagement with staff and customers with PageOne’s mobile messaging solutions. Integrate your current CRM system to our multi-device enable gateway using our APIs.

Blue-Light &
Emergency Services

Blue-Light: Improving response.

Retained (alerter), officer alerting and station end equipment for Fire and Search & Rescue. Specialist team alerting for Ambulance (NARU, CBRN and HAZMAT) and Police (Firearms) Our 2-way multi-channel alerter and station-end solutions for Fire and Search & Rescue enables resilient alerting with no more single points of failure. Know in seconds if a full crew is turning out..

Efficiency, responsiveness and performance.

From tackling serious incidents to completing routine maintenance, our paging and mobile messaging solutions provide staff with robust and cost-effective ways to communicate. We are an official government supplier of business SMS solutions via the CCS Network Services 2 Agreement RM3808.

Keeping the UK moving.

Effective mobile communications is crucial to managing real-time transport operations.  Updating and directing staff, notifying customers and managing resource requires secure, reliable and scalable solutions.

A class above.

PageOne provides secure SMS text messaging solutions to hundreds of colleges and universities across the UK helping improve engagement with students and staff. Our solutions integrate with all major VLE and MIS systems.

Security, availability & reliability

PageOne offers a full range of comprehensive alarm management and critical communication solutions for a wide variety of industries: whether for blue-light organisations such as police, fire and emergency services, or health care, manufacturing, IT service providers, facility management, or for public or financial institutions. Each industry and sector has specific field communication needs and requirements. Consequently, they all depend on our core competencies: maximum security, maximum availability, and absolute reliability. Here you can read how our technology has helped improve performance, reduce costs – and save lives.

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