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How PageOne Connect can help you communicate with staff and customers

These are challenging times, and the need for reliable communications has never been greater. PageOne is supporting the critical messaging for 80% of the NHS and UK Blue Light services.

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PageOne’s Connect range of messaging services bring the power of multi-channel messaging and alerting to you.

From simple notifications to powerful multi-channel broadcasts across text, email, app, paging and voice, PageOne Connect helps thousands of customers across Government, blue-light and corporate companies communicate more effectively, improve business process and drive customer engagement.

A means to fit any need

PageOne Connect offers the perfect means to initiate and maintain communication whatever your company’s need, environment and application. SMS, email, paging and multimedia messages can be initiated direct from easy to use desktop systems including online accounts, services for Microsoft products, your email client and mobile or fully integrated into your backend systems and software. Our services are all straightforward and easy to use, so you’ll quickly start enjoying the benefits of streamlined communications, improved reach and greater productivity.


Flexible and fully featured

Whether you use Connect from a web account or incorporated into your own system using SOAP or another of our APIs, you’ll have common access to a large, flexible set of functionality that includes sending SMS, EMS and scheduled messaging, an online address book, both two-way paging and text, history logs and delivery reports, and not to forget, SmartGroups, our powerful group broadcasting service.

Proven for peace of mind

Both reliable, and resilient, Connect has been developed from the ground up to provide peace of mind for companies looking for a proven messaging platform to deliver time-critical communications.
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