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Email To SMS

Send SMS from your email applications

Email to SMS is one of the easiest text messaging protocols to implement and offers a simple solution to allow you to send SMS direct from your business email applications. It’s ideal for server monitoring, system notification messages and web forms, as well as sending SMS messages direct from your existing email client. SMS via the SMTP protocol is also versatile enough for use with legacy systems that can output in email.

>> You can now use our Outlook SMS Service to send, receive and reply to SMS messages as easily as you would email!

Ease of set up

During set-up PageOne will allocate you a unique domain name specific to your organisation, so you start sending messages direct from popular business email programs such as Microsoft Outlook® and Groupwise. Messages are converted from email and delivered to the recipient’s mobile phone as a normal text message.

Similar to our other services, SMS can be delivered to any GSM compatible destination in the world, without the need for any new hardware or software. In addition to text messaging, the SMTP protocol also allows the delivery of pager messages using your email application as well.

Integration options

PageOne offers a number of additional protocols to message enable your business including SNPP, SMPP and SOAP/XML – so you can choose the connectivity option best suited to your technical infrastructure and the requirements of your application.

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