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Instant high volume broadcast capability

PageOne SmartGroup technology offers your organisation a powerful and reliable group messaging capability to allow critical high volume broadcast information to be quickly distributed to any combination of SMS, email, pager and landline numbers.

Initiate messages from anywhere

Each SmartGroup is allocated its own unique number allowing broadcast messages to be generated through any of PageOne’s connectivity routes. Messages to SmartGroups can be initiated from a wide variety of means, including your front-end account, via email, using your own system software, or remotely using SMS or one of our 24-hour Call Centres.

Flexible and Secure

You can manage your group recipient lists securely online, with any changes implemented in real-time. The service is also compatible with PageOne’s opt-in service that allows mobile and shift workers to subscribe to or opt-out of group messages via email or text message.

Applications of SmartGroups

SmartGroup technology is tried and trusted by organisations all over the UK and is being used widely for applications such as:

  • Operational status messages
  • Emergency broadcasts
  • Network/system monitoring alerts
  • Senior management broadcasts
  • Performance figures

Smart Filters

Building on the strength of our Smart Group technology, Connect 2.2 also provides access to powerful Smart Filters that can help make your messaging even smarter.

Smart Filters use the information stored in standard and custom address book fields to quickly search and retrieve the contacts matching your search criteria. With just a couple of mouse clicks, you can activate a Smart Filter and create relevant, targeted contact lists whenever they are needed.

Connect’s Dynamic Filters really come into their own when used in conjunction with PageOne 2-way pagers and Responder Smart Phone apps. By filtering with the Status field, which is remotely updated by your contacts, you can create contact lists that include (or exclude) only staff who meet a specific status field value.

To see how SmartGroups and Smart Filters can benefit your business why not Get in touch