Locate your staff in the field

PageOne provides a powerful mapping and location service that has the ability to establish the geographical location of selected individuals and groups.
It allows almost any UK mobile, GSM device or PageOne 2-way Pager to be located and is ideal for keeping track of field-based staff such as remote and mobile workers. The service can be used with Connect messaging accounts and is also available through our SOAP and REST APIs, so you can integrate location functionality directly into your own asset tracking and mapping applications.

Further features include:

  • Privacy safeguards through formal registration and opt-in
  • Location lookup history including lookup age
  • Powerful location data-mining capability
  • View multiple individual locations simultaneously
  • Lookup addresses or points of interest (POI) and find who is near by
  • Compatible with PageOne SmartGroup technology
  • Supported on all major UK mobile networks (including the mobile network ‘3’)

Use resources more effectively

With location information you can manage your staff in the field with greater accuracy and efficiency. In just a couple of clicks you can find out where all your teams are, and by knowing who is nearest to a specific location you can alert only those staff who are able to attend. Because it can work with any UK GSM mobile phone, Locate is able to improve the speed and accuracy of your response times to a level not previously possible without providing additional equipment for every member of your field teams.

Stay informed

Locate can also be partnered with PageOne’s unique ‘Responder’ 2-way pager, or smartphone applications to create a powerful status & location-aware messaging platform: know where your staff are and who is actually available to respond. This increased availability of information results in faster decision making and improved message targeting.

Lone workers

PageOne’s range of ‘Responder’ smartphone applications can also be used to help keep lone workers safe. For example, lone workers can ‘check-in’ with their location information periodically, when prompted, or at the start and end of their shift and even initiate a distress signal.

As a fully accredited provider of Location Based Services we can offer expert advice on usage and application. To learn more, Get in touch