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Mobile Connect

Access your Connect account anywhere!

Mobile Connect expands the number of channels through which you can access your PageOne Connect account by offering a user interface that has been specifically optimised for use with ‘standard’ (non-smartphone), internet-connected, mobile-phones.

Built to be fast & portable

In order to work within a smaller screen, fewer page elements are displayed on each page and a new navigational layout maintains the simplicity and ease of use of the full Connect user interface. The result is an always on connection to your Connect accounts core messaging functions including the address book and SmartGroups.

Increased Resilience

Mobile Connect is a suitable shorter-term alternative for when a PC or other large screen internet-connected device is not available, whether due to local power loss, internet-connection disruption, or simply when you are out of the office and need to be able to act.
Mobile Connect is included with all PageOne’s web messaging accounts – contact us to find out how you can start accessing your Connect account through Mobile Connect.

For mobile workers who require a more permanent mobile application, PageOne’s Responder SmartPhone app may be more suitable.

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