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For Man-Down Alarm & Monitoring

PageOne has developed a range of Lone Worker alerting systems to help safeguard vulnerable staff and ensure employers are meeting their duty of care. PageOne’s new Lone Worker service, ‘Trio’ combines real-time ‘Man-Down’ monitoring and alerting with a resilient location service that enables you to rapidly direct help to staff in distress.

Welfare Check & Automated ‘Man-Down’ Alarm

The Trio device includes sophisticated g-force, tilt and motion sensors to detect ‘man-down’ scenarios. The associated web-dashboard can also be used to implement Remote ‘Welfare-Checks’.

  • Automatic detection of impacts, falls & inactivity and manual SOS alarm
  • Local & Remotely activated Welfare-Checks require a periodic ‘check-in’ on the device, by the lone worker. A missed check-in auto-triggers an SOS alarm.
  • Alarms sound on the device (audio alarm) and in the web interface / control centre, reporting the lone workers’ location information.
  • Full, time-stamped audit trail with delivery and read confirmation

Indoor & Outdoor Location

The Trio device is capable of locating individuals wherever they are, helping to ensure a fast response to staff in distress.

  • GPS-enabled to provide accurate location information while staff are out and about
  • Operates with PageOne’s optional Indoor Location Beacons (ILBs) to provide location details when staff are working within your building complex and where GPS is unavailable
  • Transmits users last registered location with each SOS alert
  • Seamlessly switched between using GPS and ILB positioning

Alarm Escalation and Mapping

The Trio device integrates fully with PageOne’s Connect and Flare messaging/mapping service

  • Manage and monitor Lone Workers
  • Receive and auto-escalate SOS alerts to pager/SMS/email
  • View location of staff and ILBs on a map

Indoor Location Beacons

PageOne ILBs are small low-power beacons that transmit a periodic signal that is decoded by Trio devices within their vicinity. Each ILB has a unique ID and in an emergency the Trio’s SOS alert automatically sends the details of the nearest beacon helping you direct assistance to the right area.

By installing ILB devices in strategic locations staff can be effectively monitored throughout large building complexes such as hospitals or warehouses. PageOne can provide advice and site-surveys to help determine the most effective use of ILBs throughout your site.

To discuss how the Trio lone-worker service could work for you, or for a demonstration, Get in touch