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Powerful, secure mobile messaging

Accessed through a secure online account, the Connect desktop messaging service provides your organisation with a proven and powerful, feature-rich mobile messaging capability. Secure and highly resilient, users are presented with a straightforward and intuitive user interface that allows them to send a multitude of message formats to a wide array of devices including:

  • Mobile Phones (SMS)
  • Smartphone App
  • One and Two-way pagers
  • Landlines (Text-To-Speech / Pre-recorded voice message)
  • Email

Global reach

Connect is independent of your current mobile phone or paging provider and includes fast and secure messaging to UK-wide paging, e-mail and International GSM networks. Without the need to install any new hardware or software, Connect is the ideal means for communicating with customers and staff from anywhere in the world.

Feature rich

Fulfilling all the requirements of enterprise web messaging service, Connect is designed to be used by companies both large and small and offers the following features:

  • Advanced messaging options
  • Location enabled: find your staff and target your messaging
  • Secure online address book
  • Predefined message templates
  • Two-way SMS as standard
  • Proof of delivery reporting
  • Sent and received history log
  • Parent-child user restrictions

An extensive range of additional services including PageOne SmartGroups, inbound response numbers, and alpha tags allow you to enhance your messaging capability.

For more information, contact us about Connect