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Short Code campaigns made easy

Create SMS Short Code keyword campaigns in minutes with PageOne’s Campaign Manager web console. A secure online account allows you to quickly and easily configure key variables such as the campaign duration, choice of automated response type, and campaign keyword: all manageable in real-time.

Live results

An instant snapshot of campaign progress can be generated with a few button clicks and an extended log of the actual messages sent and received can be viewed online, or exported for historical campaign reporting purposes.

Total control

Campaign messages can be scheduled to coincide with a specific event and can be sent from the accounts 2way number or a network approved alpha tag. Industry-standard opt-in and opt-out commands are supported and an additional subscriber list facility allows you to further segment and intelligently build your database of respondents and prospects.


The service works with both Short and Long Codes and is also compatible with our Freetext toll-free SMS numbers. It’s perfect for use for capturing customer requests, acting as an automated help-line or as a way to solicit feedback and views from prospects and the public.

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