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Mobilise your business by connecting your applications and infrastructure to PageOne. Whether you want to enable an SMS capability in your existing systems or build messaging into a new program or website, PageOne has the connectivity options and expertise to match your organisation’s own unique messaging needs.

The means to fit the need

Some of the largest public and corporate companies in the UK connect directly to PageOne to fulfil their messaging requirements. We offer an extensive range of connectivity options that include SMTP (email to SMS), SMPP (Short message peer to peer) and HTTP-GET/POST using SOAP/XML.

Connect via PageOne and benefit from:

  • Seamless integration between your software and PageOne
  • High volume messaging capability
  • Send SMS and WAP singularly or in batches
  • Two-way SMS and Short Code integration
  • Access to UK and over 300 International GSM networks
  • Extensive library of development tools and sample code
  • In-house developer support
  • Secure, dedicated two-way connection
  • Simple, fast, secure, highly reliable messaging

If you need something extra to close the deal when marketing your software program why not take a look at PageOne’s IP Zone for more information about integrating SMS mobile messaging technology into your program functionality.

To find out more about how PageOne can help your business, Get in touch