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Add a new dimension to your messaging

Send and receive photos and picture files direct from your online web account by enabling your messaging services with MMS.  Once equipped with MMS (Multi-media messaging service) capability, you will be able to upload rich media files including video, audio and common image formats direct from the desktop to send from your PageOne web account.  Messages can also be sent to your account using a special inbound number and stored securely online.

One picture can say it all

MMS can be used in a multitude of different applications across many different sectors.  In instances where graphic representation of a situation will convey more than normal SMS, MMS acts as a perfect compliment to a standard text message.  First responders & emergency response teams can send pictures and live video of an incident back to the control centre.  Companies can send out MMS as part of an outbound marketing campaign.  Or police and local authorities can offer inbound MMS services that allow members of the public to send pictures of vandalism, graffiti etc in their local area.

Ready to use

The service can be used with any of our existing services including Flare, Connect, JANET txt as well as with our Campaign Manager console.

Contact us now to see how you can take advantage of MMS in your organisation.

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