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Location Based Services for Staff Communication

Locate your staff in an emergency

PageOne provide a powerful mapping and Location Based Service (LBS) capability equipping organisations with the ability to establish the geographical location of selected individuals and groups. It allows almost any UK mobile, GSM device or PageOne 2way pager to be located and is ideal for keeping track of field based staff such as remote and mobile workers, either on assignment or in the event of an incident. The service can be used with Flare online accounts and is also available through web services, so you can integrate location functionality directly into your own asset tracking and mapping applications using our straightforward SOAP API.

Further features include:

  • Privacy safeguards through formal registration and opt-in
  • Age of location lookup
  • Powerful location data-mining capability
  • View multiple individual locations simultaneously
  • Compatible with PageOne SmartGroup technology
  • Supported on all major UK mobile networks (including the mobile network ‘3’)

Intelligent incident management

LBS can act as an important enabler to your existing staff safety and incident planning and handling processes. Incident managers can locate staff in the event of an emergency or analyse their proximity to an incident and the affected area. Coupled with areyousafe? and MMS, controllers can send further information and instructions including map images to affected staff, based on the relevancy of their location.

Callout assistance

The time taken to prepare a response to a callout can also benefit through the use of location information. Using PageOne 2way pagers, the nearest responder to an incident can be accurately identified, facilitating more efficient use of resource to respond to, and deal with an issue.

Fully compliant

PageOne are a fully accredited provider of Location Based Services and can offer expert advice on usage and application. To learn more get in touch today.

Location Based Services Terms and Conditions

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