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UK Pager Network and Onsite Paging Services

PageOne owns and operates the UK’s only national UK Pager network and has over 30 years of expertise providing resilient, critical alerting solutions. PageOne invested in 2-way paging, bringing multi-network resilience to the UK market for the first time. Speak to us about next-generation UK wide and on-site paging solutions.

PageOne’s pager services are also fully integrated with PageOne’s Connect and Flare messaging suites, ensuring paging integrates seamlessly as part of your communication mix. From simple one-way alerting to powerful 2-way Responder paging. With PageOne paging services you can make sure you get the message to the right people at the right time, all the time.

The power of paging

Delivering low cost and resilient broadcast alerting that’s independent of the public mobile networks, paging is the alerting channel of choice for critical messaging applications. Across the NHS, blue-light, government and major corporates, paging plays an important role in resilient, dependable broadcast alerting that can be relied upon during major incidents and events when mobile networks can become congested or disabled.

Onsite paging and alerting

PageOne’s Bridge system delivers next-generation onsite paging and alerting. Delivering text and voice paging, combined with multi-channel support for SMS, email and smartphone app messaging, Bridge offers powerful and flexible site-based alerting. Read more

Alert Paging

Paging remains one of the fastest, simplest, most reliable and most cost-effective networks to send critical alerts and notifications to multiple users at the same time.
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Response Paging

Building upon the features of our Acknowledge Paging with Reply Messages and Updates, GPS for Geolocation and Personal SOS alarm.
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Acknowledge Paging

No more uncertainty, no more waiting; know that the message has been received, when it has been acknowledged and by whom.
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Triple-Resilience Paging

Have total confidence in your communications with the ultimate solution in terms of reach, functionality and resilience, so you can be sure that the message gets through.
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Lone workers

PageOne’s range of ‘Responder’ smartphone applications can also be used to help keep lone workers safe. For example, lone workers can ‘check-in’ with their location information periodically, when prompted, or at the start and end of their shift and even initiate a distress signal.

See our range of pagers for full features and specifications.

  • 2-way pagers – PageOne’s new two-way pager service adds delivery reports, replies and location information via GPS.
  • Message pagers – Capable of displaying alphanumeric pager messages.
  • Numeric pagers – Receive numeric information such as telephone numbers or codes on this pager.
  • Tone pagers – Provides a simple bleep alert to notify the carrier of a message.
  • Specialist safety pagers – Intrinsically safe pagers for hazardous or sensitive environments where standard communications equipment can not be used.

Additional Pager Services

In addition to being fully integrated with Connect & Flare messaging services and APIs, PageOne Paging also offers an unrivalled range of added value pager services that are designed to make paging work harder for your organisation. See Why Use Paging for more information.

For more information on our full range of paging services, Get in touch