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Paging has moved on. PageOne’s range of 2-way paging products provide reliable, 2-way communication; with the high speed, assurance and reach of paging now combined with the capability to acknowledge and respond; For when you need to know instantly.

Response Paging: Full 2-Way Paging

The PageOne Responder is a 2-way messaging device exclusive to PageOne and combines the strengths of paging & GSM/GPRS to deliver a powerful 2-way messaging service. In addition to acknowledged messaging, the Responder also supports enhanced features including Message Replies & Updates, an emergency SOS button and GPS-based location tracking.

No More Waiting, Always informed

PageOne Responder pagers are an ideal way for corporate and public sector organisations, including the emergency services, to further enhance the robustness of their operational and incident management processes. The result is a powerful critical messaging tool capable of tracking location and delivering fast, reliable and guaranteed end to end messaging.

Lone worker

Users are equipped with a communications device that’s not only durable, reliable and easy to use, but also acts as a lone worker alarm – able to raise the alarm when needed.

Acknowledge Paging is fully integrated into PageOne’s web-based messaging applications, or can be integrated into your existing command and control system. These also offer immediate access to the secure mapping and location based messaging services.

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  • Resilient Paging Communications
  • Able to acknowledge received messages
  • Respond quickly via a list of pre-defined responses
  • Update your response as and when the situation changes
  • Location enabled; find your users and target your messaging with GPS technology
  • SOS alerts: make sure your lone workers are in safe hands
  • MTPAS enabled: resilient 2-way communications during an emergency*

Triple-Resilience Alerting

The Responder device supports dual-frequency paging, allowing the device to simultaneously receive messages on local onsite paging systems as well as PageOne’s national paging network. GSM fall-back also ensure messages are also transmitted via the mobile network to increase message throughput and coverage, offering unique Triple-Resilience assurance for your critical messaging.

For more information on Respond Paging and our exclusive Responder 2-way pagers, Get in touch