With multi-site alerting capabilities, this is the next generation on-site paging and on-site alerting solution from PageOne.

PageOne Bridge - Next generation on site paging and alerting

PageOne’s Bridge system is at the heart of our next generation on-site paging and alerting. As well as delivering the bleep services you expect, our Bridge solution also allows pagers to seamlessly receive alerts on PageOne’s wide-area paging network when off-site or if the on-site system fails.

PageOne’s Bridge is based on standard server/software architecture, lowering costs of proprietary hardware and providing a flexible pager system platform for future upgrades.

With the option of pagers being able to receive messages via PageOne’s national network, you don’t have to install costly dual systems to provide multi-channel resilience.

  • Long range on-site alerting and paging
  • Real time single and multi-site alerting
  • High power VHF transmitters means greater coverage with fewer transmitters
  • Range of voice, message and two-way pager device options
  • DDI/PABX integration
  • Web sending/reporting and audit via PageOne Connect
  • Alarm system integration
  • Pagers can seamlessly switch to PageOne wide-area network when off-site
  • Remote monitoring and back-ups
  • Multi-Channel broadcasts – pager, SMS, email, landline, app

Premium Infrastructure and Pager Devices

Working closely with Swissphone, one of the world’s leading paging system manufacturers we have access to premium paging infrastructure systems and pager devices – including voice, message and 2-way pagers. Ideal for both on site alerting and critical messaging systems.

Enhanced Resilience through Dual-Frequency

Bridge enables your on-site pagers to seamlessly receive message via PageOne’s national paging network. Providing unrivalled coverage and resilience when a user is off-site or if the on-site system fails. Read more about Bridge here.

Multi-channel resilience

For the ultimate in network coverage and resilience the on-site paging solution can be paired with PageOne’s triple-resilience Responder two-way pagers. Creating a system able to receive messages via the on-site system, PageOne national network and public GSM networks.Read more about Triple Resilient Paging.

For more information on Acknowledge Paging and our exclusive Responder 2-way pagers, Get in touch