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Paging Services Options

Added value paging

Our unrivalled range of added value paging services are designed to make paging work harder for your organisation.

Pager Systems:Making it easier to communicate

  • Smart Groups – A simple, powerful message broadcast facility to an unlimited number of pagers.
  • Additional alerts – Benefit from the flexibility of additional and different types of alert, including continuous and priority alerts to ensure the message gets through.
  • Pager call signs – Contact numbers are easily forgotten – but pager call signs make your pager number more memorable.
  • Accelerate – Reduced message delivery times for critical information.
  • Pulse – A priority paging option, available to all blue light services: keep critical communications flowing at times when other services, such as mobile voice networks, are prone to network congestion.
  • Email to Pager – have your email delivered to your pager and stay in constant touch with your office.
  • Integration – Our integration services allow your existing sytems to communicate with your staff seamlessly.

Managing your PageOne pagers

PageOne Paging works seamlessly with our range of secure web messaging accounts, such as Connect or Flare, offering you a resilient and comprehensive suit of tools to communicate with your staff.

Use your online account to manage smart groups, and divert messages across paging, SMS and email networks.

With Over-the-air programming, you can change group calls and alerts without having to return the pager for re-programming.

Voice services

  • Voicemail Alert – A PIN-protected private voicemail system using pager or SMS notification to inform you of new messages.
  • Personalised greeting – Record your own voice greeting and by diverting your office or mobile phone to your pager you can have those important messages delivered to you via your pager.

Help when you need it

Do you require further information about our one-way pager service? Contact our dedicated PageOne Paging team today and discover why paging with us is simply better. We are well known for our proactive, supportive and consultative approach to account management.