PageOne offers an extensive range of pagers from Swissphone and Unication to suit every requirement, from sophisticated two-way triple-resilience devices to simple alert pagers.  Pagers can be supplied connected to the PageOne national network or for use with private onsite paging systems – our dual-frequency models can even operate on both!

Find detailed information about the pager models that we offer below. Go to the pager user guides section to get help setting up and using your device, including details on how to text a pager.

Message Pagers

Our sophisticated range of pagers, capable of receiving both text and numbers of up to 240 characters.

PageOne 4-line Message Pager range

The PageOne 4-line message pagers are compact units that can receive messages of up to 240 characters in length and have a 4-line display, capable of displaying 80 characters at a time. The 6,900 character memory can hold up to 40 messages, each message is automatically time and date stamped. The 4-line message pagers can be programmed to alert you silently to an incoming message or you can choose from a wide selection of audible alerts.

Fact Sheet for PageOne 4-line

PageOne 2-line Message Pager range

Small, compact and lightweight pagers with 2-line, 40 character display and powerful memory capacity. The PageOne 2-line message pagers allow you to quickly and easily read, delete or save messages. You can store up to 20 messages in the pager’s 200 character memory for future reference. The 2-line pagers can be programmed to alert you silently to an incoming message or you can choose from a range of audible alerts.

Fact Sheet for PageOne 2-line

Numeric Pagers

The top-mounted numeric pager displays messages on a 12-digit LCD display screen with backlight. It can hold up to 30 messages and each message is stamped with the time it was received. To send a message to a numeric pager, callers simply dial the pager number and key in the numeric message. If the caller does not have a touch-tone telephone, they can call the 24-hour PageOne Call Centre and send the message via an Operator.

Fact Sheet for Numeric Pager

Intrinsically Safe ATEX Pagers

Intrinsically Safe ATEX Pagers are the perfect choice for professionals who operate in potentially hazardous environments. Approved according to ATEX specifications (Ex) and designed to meet the health & safety requirements of mining, petrochemical, nuclear, MOD and other sensitive or potentially hazardous environments, PageOne’s intrinsically safe message pagers are designed to communicate without compromising safety.

If you would like to enquire about any of these pagers, contact us today and discuss your requirements. Our messaging specialist will happily talk you through out range of PageOne pagers available. Get in touch