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Message Pagers

Our sophisticated range of pagers, capable of receiving both text and numbers of up to 240 characters. Our National and UK pager service can supply pagers already connected to the PageOne national network or for use with private on-site paging systems – our dual-frequency models can even operate on both.

Take a look at the feature table here to find the best fit paging solutions for your business.

Responder 2-way pager

Responder 2-way pager

The Responder pager is a premium 2-way paging device with an enhanced feature set. It has the capability to receive messages via the GSM and paging GSM networks for ultimate coverage and resilience. Message delivery confirmation and response options including reply and book on/off updates means the responder can integrate with alerting, response and mobilisation processes. Optional GPS locations and SOS alert button further enhance the Responder credentials for resource management and staff safety.

Responder Brochure

Trio Lone Worker Device pagers

Trio Lone Worker Device

The Trio takes the core capability of the Responder 2-way pager and adds lone worker and staff safety features including man-down and fall-detection auto-alerts, press-and-hold SOS button and a Life-Check function that requires periodic acknowledgement without which an alert is raised. The Trio is also GPS equipped such that all alerts/alarms are geo-tagged to ensure the quickest response to any incident.   The Trio integrates with PageOne’s Connect portal for messaging, monitoring and SOS alert escalation.

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Hurricane Duo uk pager service

Hurricane Duo

The HURRICANE DUO reads alphanumeric messages received to the user. In addition, the device shows the message on the display. This device converts the incoming alphanumeric text messages into a voice message and simultaneously shows the messages on a display. This way, the user is informed immediately, clearly and understandably about the content of the alert message, even if they are driving or not wearing the pager on their body.

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s-Quad pagers

s.QUAD Pager range

The s.QUAD pager stands out on account of its functional design and outstanding reception performance. There are multi-coloured LED, volume and the option to play individual audio melodies for alerting. There are also Voice s.QUAD options. The s.QUAD pager range is dust and waterproof.

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s-Quad ATEX pager

Intrinsically Safe ATEX Pagers

Intrinsically Safe ATEX Pagers are the perfect choice for professionals who operate in potentially hazardous environments. Approved according to ATEX specifications (Ex) and designed to meet the health & safety requirements of mining, petrochemical, nuclear, MOD and other sensitive or potentially hazardous environments, PageOne’s intrinsically safe, critical alerting message pagers are designed to communicate without compromising safety.

Take a look at the feature table here to find the best fit for your business.

Find detailed information about the pager models that we offer below.
Go to the pager user guides section to get help setting up and using your communication device, including details on how to text a pager.

If you would like to know more about our National and UK pager service or enquire about any of these pagers, contact us today and discuss your requirements. Our messaging specialist will happily talk you through our range of cost effective PageOne pagers available. Get in touch