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PageOne Paging as part of a multi-channel communications approach to Business Continuity Management

PageOne services play a vital role in the operational communications of many organisations directly involved in responding to business continuity issues, disaster recovery scenarios and public emergencies.

Paging’s inherent broadcast capability and protection from public peak traffic loads, especially during public emergencies, means that messages will continue to be delivered to many people simultaneously, and in a timely manner, and will not be affected by regional or national increased public communication demands that are commonly seen in disaster scenarios.

Resilient Messaging

Senior Manager Emergency Preparedness Chris Drew from North East London Strategic Health Authority commented: “The system was effective on July 7 2005, at a time when both cellular and land-line phones were unavailable. We were also able to use the system to cascade short ‘headline’ briefings to organisations throughout the day. In all, a very effective and useful system.”

man checking messages

PageOne has hundreds of corporate businesses that use paging as part of their own incident management and business continuity plans, and thousands of businesses across London were kept informed through the City of London ‘Emergency Alert’ scheme, operated by PageOne.

PageOne’s new 2-way Responder pager now offers all the traditional benefits of paging, such as low cost and resilience, and combines these with the location information, real-time feedback, message acknowledgement and fast-response that you would usually see only in less resilient GSM mobile networks. Find out more about PageOne’s new Responder pager >

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