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Supporting high volume automated paging

PageOne recognises that the key to leveraging messaging technology is in integrating services with existing business processes and systems. PageOne has led the market in developing the widest range of connectivity options to allow differing client software and command and control systems to interface with the PageOne paging network. Whether it’s simple dial-up modems, secure IP connectivity or fully integrated SOAP/XML services, PageOne can help clients ‘mobilise’ their business.

Technology Integration

PageOne has invested heavily in ensuring paging is an integrated part of the broader mobile messaging capability, rather than a standalone technology. PageOne Connect and SmartGroup services enable true multi-network/technology broadcast messaging capability. A single message alert allows pager messages to be broadcast simultaneously with SMS, email and landline messages, ensuring staff receive the message whatever device they have.


There is a range of different ways that you can integrate directly with PageOne’s systems for seamless messaging capability in your own systems, products or services. Our APIs can provide a secure route through standard interfaces such as TAP, SNPP and SOAP/XML APIs.


Our Original Connectivity solution: TAP has maintained it’s status as a reliable and easy to set up protocol, which supports a high volume of customers messaging daily. TAP uses a modem-to-modem connection and is a simple way to send paging and SMS messages.
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Simple Network Paging Protocol (SNPP) is a standard protocol for sending messages to SMS and paging devices, SNPP provides quick and convenient connectivity from any Internet-connected PC software system. Ideally suited to enabling a customer’s own software systems to connect to PageOne for transmission of SMS and pager messages.
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One of the easiest protocols to implement. PageOne can offer simple SMS and paging messages via email (SMTP).
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Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) is our most popular option for customers and partners looking for an integrated communications solution. Our SOAP API now offers support for location look-ups and other advanced paging & smartphone services available with the 2-way Responder Pager.

SOAP uses HTML and XML to provide an easy to use solution that can be implemented easily and suits a wide array of applications. Our most advanced integration solution, SOAP supports location services and address book management. Current programming environments supported are: .NET, C#, C++, PHP, Perl, Java, VB6, ASP, Delphi and VC++.
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