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Resilient dual frequency alerting when you need it the most

These are challenging times, and with lone workers increasing the need for reliable communications has never been greater. PageOne is supporting the critical messaging for emergency services, utilities and many others during this unprecedented period. They utilise our resilient and secure communications and dual-frequency alerting solutions which can be accessed via a mobile phone, amongst other communication devices.

Triple-Resilience Alerting

With the Responder pager, PageOne can now offer one of the highest levels of communications resilience from a single communications platform. Our Dual Frequency alerting and GSM-Fall-back pager service is now available for Acknowledge & Response Paging. Combine both paging services to protect your communications with true multi-channel messaging over a wide area; for when you need to know, now.


PageOne’s Responder device combines paging and GSM to provide a unique multi-channel alerting capability that maximises message throughput and coverage, delivering a truly diverse and resilient messaging capability ideally suited to critical alerting. A multi-network SIM card option further enhances coverage and resilience by being able to connect to the strongest mobile and pager network.

Dual-frequency Alerting

The Responder 2-way pager and s.Quad alert pager both support the ability to operate on two communication channel, meaning they are able to receive messages via onsite-paging systems AND PageOne’s national paging network. This allows a single device to operate as an onsite pager when local and will automatically switch to PageOne’s national pager service when off-site. This dual-frequency alerting also delivers additional resilience to an onsite paging system as even if a local transmitter fails the pagers can receive text messages via a pager sim card on PageOne’s national UK pager service network.

Dual-Frequency alerting is cost effective, as it allows an organisation to maximise their original investment in on-site paging by extending the reach, resilience and usefulness of legacy on-site paging networks, whilst also extending their service life.

Read our White Paper on why Triple Resilience is the most resilient Multi-channel messaging system available.

For more information on PageOne pagers, specifically GSM-Fall-back and Dual-Frequency Paging, Get in touch