Triple-Resilience Alerting

With the Responder pager, PageOne can now offer one of the highest levels of communications resilience from a single communications platform. Our Dual-Frequency and GSM-Fall-back pager service is now available for Acknowledge & Response Paging. Combine both services to protect your communications with true multi-channel messaging; for when you need to know, now.

GSM SMS Fallback

Acknowledge & Response 2-Way Paging devices support the ability to ‘fall-back’ to the GSM mobile network. GSM-Fallback works by diverting messages via the mobile network if the pager is unable to detect a paging network. This provides additional backup communications in case the pager is out of coverage of the paging network. For maximum coverage and throughput, the Responder can be provided with a multi-network pager SIM card enabling it to lock onto any UK mobile network.

Dual-frequency Alerting

The Responder 2-way pager and s.Quad alert pager both support the ability to operate on two frequencies and thus be able to receive messages via onsite-paging systems AND PageOne’s national paging network. This allows a single device to operate as an onsite pager when local and will automatically switch to PageOne’s national network when off-site. This also delivers additional resilience to an onsite paging system as even if a local transmitter fails the pagers can receive messages via PageOne’s national UK pager service network.

Dual-Frequency alerting allows an organisation to maximise their original investment in on-site paging by extending the reach, resilience and usefulness of legacy on-site paging networks, whilst also extending their service life.

Read our White Paper on why Triple Resilience is the most resilient Multi-channel messaging system available.

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