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Vodafone Paging Network Closed

Vodafone closed their wide-area national paging network on 31st March 2018

What’s happening to the Vodafone Paging Network?

As of 31st March 2018, Vodafone’s national paging network ceased operation. This means that any Vodafone Paging customers who did not make alternative arrangements would have lost their paging service on this date.

Who are PageOne?

Owned by Capita plc, PageOne Communications Limited has been providing critical messaging services and operating its own UK paging network for almost 30 years. PageOne is a Government approved paging provider under the RM1045 Network Services (Lot 7) framework contract.

What do I need to do?

Please contact PageOne to discuss your paging/alerting service requirements. You can email us at, use the contact form at or call us on 0333 200 5033.

What happens to my pager number?

Vodafone are unable to transfer existing pagers numbers so PageOne will provide your replacement pagers with new PageOne pager numbers.

What if I own my pager device?

Unless your pager can be re-tuned/re-programmed to a PageOne network frequency you will need to purchase a new pager. PageOne have a range of pager types available to purchase.

Do PageOne offer similar types of pagers to Vodafone?

Yes, as well as the standard Word (Message), Code (Numeric)and Tone alert pagers, PageOne offers an extended range of pager types including:-

  • Two-way message pagers – know the message has been delivered and be able to respond
  • Triple-resilience pagers – combine local, wide-area paging with mobile networks for enhanced message delivery
  • Voice pagers – messages can be announced or read
  • Water-proof and shock-proof pagers – to IP67 rating
  • Lone Worker pagers – include ‘man-down’ monitoring and alarms
  • Intrinsically Safe pagers – for use in restricted environments

PageOne also offers an extensive range of critical alerting and mobile messaging services across paging, SMS, email, landlines and smart-apps, as well as offering on-site private paging systems.   PageOne would be happy to discuss these options with you.

How can I send messages to PageOne pagers?

PageOne supports the following methods for sending pager messages.

  • Web-send via
  • Email via email-to-pager service
  • DDI – for tone/numeric messages
  • Bureau – via 24 hour call-centre
  • API – PageOne also supports a wide-range of gateway connectivity services and protocol options including SNPP, TAP, REST/SOAP, SMTP

Service charges may apply for some of the above options.

Does PageOne have a replacement for Vodafone’s MDS Service?

Yes, PageOne’s SmartGroup service allows you to initiate messages to a mix of pagers, mobiles(SMS) and email numbers. You can edit/control your SmartGroup distribution list via a secure web-portal. 

What is PageOne’s network coverage?

PageOne’s extensive UK network provides coverage to 98% of the population however there are always differences between radio-based networks.   PageOne will be able to give you an indication of whether we can provide coverage in your area. If there are any specific areas where coverage is problematic we have a number of options that can be considered including different pager types, additional transmitters or boosters.

What if I also have a private paging system?

PageOne can also provide stand-alone private paging systems as well as our unique ‘Bridge’ solution that allows a single pager to receive messages via the local system when a user is on-site, but which then seamlessly switches to PageOne’s wide-area paging coverage when they are off-site.

How do I contact PageOne?

You can contact PageOne via any of the following:-



Phone  0333 200 5033