Secure, resilient solutions

The MoD has long valued the robustness and diversity of our communication solutions, particularly our independence from mobile networks. So much so, that we’re now their sole mobile messaging supplier. From mission-critical applications to everyday administration, our solutions are relied upon throughout the MoD to deliver – every time.

PageOne and the defence sector

Over the last 20 years, we’ve built the unique knowledge and experience necessary to improve efficiency, responsiveness and performance across many areas within the MoD. Our solutions help:

  • provide mission critical group messaging
  • improve communications within emergency plans
  • provide global messaging capability
  • enable contact with on-call staff using multiple mobile devices

A full list of PageOne products and services is available through your P2P or ICS catalogue.

All our products are designed to provide dependable, secure messaging solutions that save time, resource and money. Find out what our mobile technology can do for you.

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