Fast and secure messaging

JANET txt with PageOne provides schools, colleges and universities all over the country with powerful mobile messaging solutions that are specifically approved for the education community. Easy to implement and simple to use, JANET txt is the low cost way to connect with colleagues, students and parents. See more here.

PageOne and the education sector

As the UK’s only Government-approved, messaging technology supplier through to Crown Commercial Services (CCS) under the Network Services Framework Agreement, our clients benefit from 25 years’ industry experience and a pioneering approach that keeps us at the forefront of modern technology. Our resilient, secure solutions help:

  • provide mission critical group messaging
  • improve communications within emergency plans
  • improve time and resource management
  • improve day-to-day operational communications

Seamless integration with existing systems and applications puts you in control and enables you to send important information to groups and individuals quickly and efficiently. Discover how our mobile technology can improve your performance.

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