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High-Volume Voice Broadcast

A recorded voice message can often convey more information and meaning than simple text alerts. PageOne’s VoiceBlast service offers high volume pre-recorded voice alerts to inform team members, staff or the public on the status of an incident or to ‘warn and inform’ of a developing situation. With auto re-dial for busy or unanswered calls and the ability for the recipient to acknowledge receipt or even respond, you can confirm to whom the message has been delivered.

Staff Information or Customer Alerts

A voice announcement can be an effective way of disseminating business information or announcements to staff, colleagues or customers. Messages can be recorded and blasted out to groups and lists with the confidence that you know who has received the message. VoiceBlast can even be extended to allow the recipient to respond, either confirm an action or give feedback.

Incident Management – Can you attend?

PageOne’s voice broadcast service also offers an optional ‘Can you attend?’ service that, when implemented, prompts recipients of a message to press ‘X’ if they can attend. VoiceBlast ‘Can you attend?’ improves the level of information available during an incident management scenario by reporting who is available in real time.

Easy to Use

The service can be accessed and ‘blasts’ recorded and initiated from wherever you are using any touch-tone telephone and your own secure dedicated service access number and pin. PageOne SmartGroups are used to host the distribution lists and are managed using a simple secure web-interface in your Connect or Flare account.

Online Monitoring

The Event Manager web-dashboard shows a summary of your VoiceBlast messages, their delivery status and user responses giving you up-to-the-minute status information allowing you to monitor and control. With its ease of access and high capacity, VoiceBlast offers your organisation the perfect means to keep you, your staff and the public informed in any situation.

With its ease of access, high capacity and customisation, VoiceBlast offers your organisation the perfect means to keep you, your staff and the public informed in any situation.

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