PageOne’s new Responder Smartphone App is the simple, dependable way to make sure important messages and alerts reach the right people, at the right time, wherever they are. Take a look at the brochure here.

Secure & Assured Delivery

The Responder App provides secure closed-user group two-way messaging for iPhone, Android and Windows devices.

  • Global GSM and WiFi coverage
  • Secure encrypted transmission
  • Delivery and read confirmation
  • Office-to-handset and handset-to-handset messaging

Separate & Elevate Important Messages

With important alerts sent via email frequently missed amongst the clutter of other general messages, staff can often overlook them or fail to respond promptly. The Responder App offers a separate and distinct messaging channel to ensure important operational and emergency messages are never missed.

  • Separate distinct Inbox
  • Distinctive pager-type pop-up and audible alerts
  • Pre-defined QuickReply options
  • Status Update feature

Integrated & Targeted Messaging

Fully integrated into PageOne’s Connect and Flare cloud-based suite allowing you to integrate smartphone messaging within your existing messaging service.

  • Send/Receive from Connect/Flare accounts or PageOne API’s
  • Include within SmartGroup and SmartFilter broadcasts
  • Monitor users current availability status
  • Integrate with PageOne’s location and mapping services

Lone Worker Solution

PageOne also offers a Lone Worker App, with functionality to enhance the safety and security of staff in the field. As well as an SOS alert facility, a welfare-check mode provides regular and audited monitoring of vulnerable staff in the field. Find out more>

For information on how to get started or if you’d like advice on the best connectivity option for you, Get in touch