Enhance business performance with SMS and integrated messaging solutions from PageOne

Why Business SMS Solutions?

Secure and reliable messaging. Other forms of comm’s such as e-mail and telephone can be more intrusive and may not get the messaage through, in fact industry research shows 98% of text messages are read compared to 22% of emails.

Powerful, low cost SMS services that connect people places and processes. Whether you’re targeting your workforce, staff, customers or stakeholders, text messaging can offer a simple, fast and flexible channel to improve communication and nurture relationships and engagement. This can help improve your C-Sat scores.

SMS solutions are fully GDPR compliant, so you can rest assured.

SMS from PageOne is reliable and convenient solution that delivers.

Resilient SMS Broadcasting

As PageOne is the UK’s largest and most advanced unified communications network our business SMS solutions ensure powerful critical SMS alerting when it is needed the most. We combine on-site paging and mobile networks seamlessly to ensure those who need to know, always know. From an SMS pager service, to mass notification systems and emergency text alerts, PageOne SMS gateway unifies your business communications to keep you moving.

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SMS solutions

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