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Never forget an appointment

Missed appointments waste valuable time, money and resources. If you regularly schedule appointments between staff and customers, or staff and patients, then why not use our reliable, easy to use text message reminder service to ensure they are are never forgotten. The SMS appointment reminder service can be easily integrated with your existing desktop appointment making application, run through a secure web account or use our MS Excel® SMS Add-in.

See how appointment reminders work

Our web accounts let you view your appointments at a glance, through a choice of daily, weekly and monthly settings. Text message reminders can be set up in advance and sent on the predetermined time and date to any combination of mobile phones, landlines (Text-To-Voice), email and pagers. Using 2way SMS, recipients can reply to confirm their attendance or reschedule their appointments allowing you to reallocate open bookings, improve your productivity and saving time and resource.

To find out more about SMS appointment reminders, why not contact us today.

To find out more about SMS appointment reminders, why not Contact us today