Customer Engagement

Text messaging is one of the fastest-growing customer communication channels and PageOne can help show you how you can leverage the convenience and power of SMS for customer contact engagement and interaction, as well as integrate with other communications channels

The benefits of text messaging are clear:-

  • 5 seconds – average time to read a text message
  • 90 seconds – average time to respond to a text message
  • 98% – percentage of text messages read compared to 22% of email

Outbound text notifications

Keeping customers informed and up-to-date improves customer satisfaction and can reduce inbound call handling.

  • Appointment reminders
  • Payment reminders
  • Application confirmations
  • Operator/Agent initiated or automated/integrated with your CRM system
  • Templates or personalised messages
  • Personalised From address
man checking messages

Two-way interactive text messaging

Use 2-way SMS to engage with customers and create a dialogue.

  • Create and manage SMS based campaigns via a simple web-based wizard.
  • Define shortcode and key-word campaigns and actions
  • Manage auto-response and forwarding options
  • Scheduled times for best response
  • Solicit feedback, confirmations, responses and feedback
  • Trigger other communication – email/voice
  • Feed to the desktop or into CRM systems

Contact Centre Applications

Text messaging is an ideal complement to traditional voice-centric call centre operations.

  • Use text to provide immediate confirmation of actions e.g. confirm appointments
  • Live SMS conversations – e.g. call-centre agent to customer – more efficient than call-handling
  • Use text messaging to drive inbound calls – SMS has a higher response than outbound dialling
  • Integrate with software systems

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