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Get closer to your customers

Customer retention is all about customer service and satisfaction. Customers like to be valued, to be kept informed and to be asked for their opinions. Creating strong customer relationships with relevant, regular contact is key to keeping their business.

Using our suite of customer communication tools, you can use SMS text messaging to improve your service levels, help anticipate future needs and build your reputation. For a population fully equipped with a mobile phone, text alerts are an ideal, cost-effective means for keeping customers directly informed on the progress of an order and two-way text enables them to interact with your organisation on their own terms.

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SMS solutions to help you stay in touch

You can choose from a selection of easy to use web-based products or integrate mobile messaging directly into your CRM and management information systems. Sending a message is as simple as typing in the customer’s number, or you can upload a list if sending to larger groups. You get positive confirmation that your messages have been delivered and a customer’s individual sent message history can be queried if required.

Our range of Short Code services can be used to allow customers to text in with an enquiry or pull the information as they individually require, reducing their need to call in, and the money you need to spend on taking calls.

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