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Lone Workers & Lone Working

What is Lone Working?

Lone working is a term applied to any position or role where an employee is working by themselves, without direct contact with other employees or support staff. They may work in the field or at premesis which are otherwise unattended. Their work may also bring them in to contact with customers or members of the public, but they spend a large part, or majority of their time alone. This makes it much more important to stay in touch with your employees.

How do I monitor Lone Worker safety & protection?

PageOne offer a variety of Lone Worker Solutions to keep in touch with your staff, from SMS messaging and voice IVR platforms that enable staff to check in at regular intervals, to Location-Based Pagers and Smartphone Apps that can monitor staff location and safety.

Our most sophisticated devices allow users to send a geotagged SOS alert and can even send alerts automatically by detecting potentially injury causing falls, trips, inactivity and impacts.

How do Lone Worker alarms work & what are the benefits?

PageOne’s range of Lone Worker Devices and Apps provide lone workers with an SOS alarm function that when activated will forward a geo-tagged, audible and visible alert. The alert can also be escalated to another individual, call centre, or a group of pre-selected land or mobile telephone number(s) in order to ensure that an alert is not missed.

Fast Response

Being GPS-enabled the device location is automatically tagged to the alert message. Connect and Flare accounts display this graphically on a map, allowing the individual receiving the alert to identify the identity and location of the lone-worker. A response team can be informed immediately and quickly directed to the lone-worker, reducing both the potential search time or the delay before medical treatment that may be required.

Welfare Check

The Responder Smartphone App facilitates ‘lone worker sessions’; requiring staff to periodically check-in via the app at pre-determined intervals. Lone Workers can rest assured that if a check-in is missed, the alarm will be raised.

Man Down Alarm

The Trio Lone Worker Device, PageOne’s latest lone-worker solution, uses a sophisticated array of motion sensors to detect potentially injury causing impacts, falls and trips. In addition to GPS, ‘Trio’ also offers ‘In-Location’ which is perfect for hospital, warehouse, office or other applications where a GPS signal may be poor or non-existent.

Your employees can feel safe, assured with the knowledge that they have the tools to stay in touch or call for help when they need it most.

See an overview of our lone-worker, welfare-check and man-down solutions.

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